Collection: Double-Plated Necklaces

Double-Plated Necklaces

Double-Plated Necklaces

Make a bold fashion statement with Tres Colori’s Double-Plated Necklaces. These Jewelry designs will turn heads & add glamor to any outfit! Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Tres Colori’s Double Plated Necklaces will surely catch the eye!

The use of two different precious metals create a captivating contrast and design like never before. Innovation that creates a true work of art! Handcrafted using gold and silver so that the elegance of these necklaces enhance your individual style and set you apart!

Personalize your style with a Double-Plated Name Necklace. By creating your own original piece, whether it's your name or a loved ones name, provides you with the perfect opportunity to make a statement! Add special meaning and sentimental value to your everyday jewelry!

The perfect piece awaits! Take a look at our wide selection of Double-Plated Necklaces to find the perfect match for you. Dainty & Delicate, or Loud and Bold!

Recreate your Jewelry line-up by creating a piece directly from our options! Some of our favorites include the Double Plated Necklaces, Eccentric Necklaces, & Dainty Necklaces! Distinct styles within each category will allow you to explore and find the perfect piece.