Tres Colori (trehs co·ló·re) is a New York City-based lifestyle jewelry brand specializing in exceptionally hand-crafted and made-to-last pieces. Sourcing only the finest Gold and Silver, we are dedicated to creating excellence through the craftsmanship of our expert jewelers.

When you order from Tres Colori you can trust you are ordering directly from the source. We skip the ‘middleman’ and luxury markups to ensure our customers are receiving only the most premium-quality pieces, while still maintaining accessible pricing. Every one of our orders are processed and hand packaged with care in-house by our team before they are delivered straight to your door. 

Over the last 2+ years we’ve grown into an office that employs 10 amazing human beings from all over the world. We’re a multicultural team of all colors, shapes, sizes, and genders! Our motto from the beginning has always been “WE LOVE ALL HUMANS”. We love seeing people express themselves through their style, jewelry and fashion and continue expressing ourselves through our designs and ideas! We believe that custom jewelry is a full embodiment of who you are as a person and what you hold special to your heart. Whether it's a sentimental date, unique name, romantic word or phrase or a simple design you adore, our team of designers will hold near what's important to you forever.